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Happiness is an art, let's learn it.

Power Of Prayer

One Prayer Can Change Anything, Because Miracle Happens Everyday.

When we pray from our heart, then god helps us in every possible way❤

Always believe in the power of god, because he is everywhere and listen what we pray.❤

And keep believing in Miracles..💛


Hope My Words Are Encouraging..!!!


Be Comfortable with discomfort❤

​The little things we worry about.
Will not matter much in our future
The little sacrifice will make us stronger..
When things go wrong, don’t worry. The right thing will always find its way..
We tend to grow more with problems,  than with comfort.
Life is simple, don’t make it too complicated  ❤❤




God has given us wings to fly.  No, not the real one, the wings of willpower. Willpower is something that everyone must aware about.It is self-control. It is the power inside everyone.

when we use these wings, we can fly wherever we want, we can get whatever we want, anyone can achieve success with these wings of willpower. When we think about a goal, no matter how big and small it is,we possess a ability to achieve it. One thing we need to do is, we need to believe in our willpower so that we can achieve whatever we want to achieve.

You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

What do you think? How important role the willpower plays in our life?You can reply in the comment below.

Quiet-Happy soul

Someone said “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”  

The more we quiet the mind, the more we become happy and the more we let our soul speak.When we decide to quiet our mind, we create a happy home inside our mind.

Happiness doesn’t mean to be happy outside. It means we should be happy inside out. The more we depend upon the outside happiness, the more we forget to be happy inside.To live a happy life we need to keep a balance between the two. If we keep juggling between thoughts, we won’t be able to focus on one thing.

So the most important part of our life is calm the mind, and let the soul speak.

 Happy Person

Happiness is not a myth.Everyone can achieve it.A Happy person is the one, who never expect anyone to make them happy.They love themselves unconditionally.They make themselves a priority.They love everything about themselves.They do what makes them happy.And most important they follow their passion.

Beauty of life

 The beauty of life means happiness of life. Happiness is a part of our life, it is an inside job. How you feel is an inside job , no one can make you feel happy until you decide to become happy. No material things will give permanent happiness, When you look inside yourself you will find it.

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